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1. The Backup Plan - Horseshoes and Handgrenades
2. Gabriel - The Widow
3. Subterfuge - Step Up
4. Become One - Carved Into Flesh
5. Heads vs. Breakers - Danielle, Death or Glory
6. Fall of Icarus - Every Months 22nd
7. Anterrabae - Etcetera
8. New Ground - Wasted Time
9. Strongpoint - We Called Ours
10. Calima - Eyy (We Don't Really Hope You Get Emphysema)
11. Wishing Well - Sometimes You Don't
12. Her Last Words - Judgements Based on Assumptions
13. For Tomorrow We Die - The Fall of Church and Man...
14. Man Is the Monster - Condemned
15. Maybe Tomorrow - I Walked in Front of a Bus and All I Got Was This Lousy Dead
16. Torn Between the Lines - Running Dry


Released March 2003, Pride Recordz


The Back Up Plan, Anterrabae and Heads Vs. Breakers tracks are all demo versions of songs that would end up on their respective full lengths; the rest of the songs (to my knowlege) are unreleased and exclusive to this comp. 


Like the 516 comp released in the 90s, this comp is a document of Long Island Hardcore that captures a moment in time which may seem foreign to younger listeners. The early 2000s was a special time on LI as there was so many bands that couldnt be neatly placed into one subgenre of hardcore. Bands like Regarding I, Gabriel and Her Last Words all seem to have a melodic element like Silent Majority but there's so much more mixed in--youth crew, screamo, metalcore, etc.


Does this CD still give you goosebumps? Did the songs age well? You be the judge.

various artists - 631 vol 1: a long island hardcore compilation

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