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1. Now And Forever (1:42)
2. What's Your Name Again? (1:58)
3. Step Back (1:56)
4. Time (2:05)
5. Guilty (1:09)
6. Get Up (2:31)
7. Sooner Or Later (1:20)
8. The Bubble (1:30)
9. Stick Like Glue (1:23)
10. Get A Grip (1:34)
11. Wall Of Hate (1:31)
12. No Help (1:32)


Released April 2012, Take It Back Records

"ANIMAL INSTINCT considers itself to be a traditional hardcore band, having its homebase in the greater Zurich area (Switzerland). The band features ex and current members of Solid Ground, Vale Tudo, Play to Destroy, and Liferide to only name a few. Similar to the band’s 7"EP, the eleven original songs on Unfinished Business are heavily influenced by the band members’ favorite New York hardcore bands such as Straight Ahead, Outburst, and Raw Deal. So it does not come as a surprise that ANIMAL INSTINCT chose to include a KILLING TIME cover tune on Unfinished Business."

animal instinct - unfinished business

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