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1. Leave With Dignity
2. Shouldering Reflex
3. A Thousand Spotlights
4. Sandpaper My Eyes
5. The Inherent Purity of Rain in May
6. This Is Not an Entrance
7. Salvage Mission
8. The Sky Is Blue
9. Life Instantaneous
10. Through the Blinds
11. Out Like Irsay

Released 1997, Ebullition Records


"After the demise of the DIY emo band Sinker back in the early 1990s the members formed two new bands – Amber Inn and Indian Summer. Fugazi/Hoover influenced hardcore by way of Sacramento, California that pulsates with emotionaly charged volume and rhythmic energy, but contrasted with the more delicate melodic breaks that made them a genre defining band."

amber ann - all roads lead home

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